What is Yacon Root?

Yacon Syrup

Yacon root is a thick, tuberous root typically grown in South America. Originally prized for its sweet-tasting roots, Yacon root has become popular in modern times for its alleged weight loss properties, making it a popular choice for people trying to maintain a healthy figure.

In recent years, products like Yacon tea and Yacon syrup have been offered as a tasty alternative to people who don’t want to eat the root whole. Yacon root can be used in a variety of recipes, and its health and weight loss benefits are unparalleled.

Using the Yacon Root for Weight Loss

In some ways, Yacon root is like an exotic version of the celery stalk, another popular weight loss food. Yacon root is composed mostly of water and fructose, meaning that it has almost no calories. The root is sweet and filling, and research shows that it may have a mild appetite suppressing effect. People who eat the root tend to feel fuller afterward, resulting in a lower caloric intake. Essentially, the Yacon root is a safe, healthy way to lose weight without resorting to potentially risky diets or medications.

In addition, Yacon root has a sweet taste, making it a popular alternative sweetener. People who replace their sugar with Yacon root sweetener can enjoy the sweet taste of sugar without the health drawbacks. Yacon root is also an all-natural product, unlike the artificial chemical-based sweeteners that tend to dominate the market.

Additional Health Benefits

Yacon root also has prebiotic properties that improve digestive health and increase bowel movements, which may be another factor in weight loss. The fructose found in Yacon root has also been shown to lower bad cholesterol, a risk factor in a number of health conditions. No side effects have been found with Yacon root, making it the ideal choice for people who want to loose weight and improve their health in a safe, all-natural way.

How to Use Yacon Root

Yacon root can be enjoyed in a number of ways. You can eat the roots raw–even fresh out of the ground, if you prefer–or cooked according to one of the many recipes available online. Yacon root can also be included in a number of dishes, including soups, juices, and curries. The sweet, mild flavor makes Yacon root so versatile that you can include it in just about anything. It’s a great way to enjoy the health and weight loss benefits as part of your favorite recipes.

If you’re not interested in the whole root, you can also buy Yacon root powder or syrup for use as a sweetener. Use it to sweeten your tea or coffee, spread it over bread, or use it as a sugar alternative in your favorite dishes. Yacon root powder is also a great resource for healthy, sugar-free baking. With Yacon root, you can enjoy your favorite sweets and baked goods without the guilt–in fact, you’ll receive added health benefits that you just don’t get with sugar or artificial sweeteners.

Where to Find Yacon Root

Yacon root is so easy to grow that you can actually grow it right in your own garden! You can buy the roots from plant nurseries and grocery stores that carry more exotic foods. Yacon root syrup and powder can easily be purchased online or at a local supplement store. As a common, easy-to-grow root, Yacon root is affordable and accessible to people of any budget. And you’ll save money on food, sweeteners, and weight loss pills when you try this filling, all-natural product.

Yacon Root

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